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r_n_b making paper...1/13
by animus on January 17, 2022


using yarn that i have had for 30+ years

there was a scrap of it
on my work table
i hear baabar coughing
there's a piece of it sticking out of his throat
i run over and pull on it
he has swallowed about 5"

it's terrifying
if he is not climbing/jumping as high as he can
he is turning everything in his path
into a toy:
knocking stuff on the floor,
pulling things off surfaces
and eating anything and everything

he's a 5 year old kitten
and there is no way to baby proof this house

i am the luckiest person in the world because i have been able to log in again and enjoy your beautiful posts.............

maximorgana - Jan 19, 2022

one of the dogs i had as a kid swallowed a rubber glove once...........!!!

we got aware when she was trying to expel it out of her body after having 'digested' it...............

poor baby.......she had such a rough time..........
maximorgana - Jan 19, 2022

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