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Photographic Imagination
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by av_producer on February 1, 2004
Copyright 2004 Ron Diorio/DD Rex New Media , All rights reserved

Powerful and emotive image.!! Excellent composition.

Yes, I'm getting bored with it too. It's just too frustrating to try to get from one flog to the other without pulling your hair out. Have you seen the update from Cypher? FINALLY!!! Almost too little, too late. I sure hated to see shutter leave...very sad.

And yes, digitalart. org. I'm a member there. I joined maybe 6 or 8 months ago and submitted an image and was turned down. They don't tell you why it's not accepted. So I said, the heck with that and have only been back a few times to view some great artwork.
sunartique - Feb 01, 2004

this has some beautiful shifts in it spatially and colorwise

oh... it's just time for me to really be in the studio again, there is something that i confront there in a more visceral way than i am able to with my snaps; which has a lot to do with why i stopped taking pix years ago, maybe i'll be able to work through it this time
neene - Feb 01, 2004