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Untitled 2003-Nov-04
by carlos_noboro on November 4, 2003
©2003 carlos noboro

Hello, from Brazil...
I´m new here in fotola. i know you from fotolog and i add you to my favorites!
roberlan - Nov 04, 2003

Hi Carlos...nice to c u here .....beautiful as always.....
sanzen - Nov 04, 2003

bonita foto do movimento!! te adicionei aos meus favoritos. (I was so happy to see you here that I forgot to add you when I visited earlier... :-)
2020_ - Nov 04, 2003

oooh¡¡ great colors¡¡ and great efect too¡¡ i´m yurik3ns from fotolog¡¡ i celebrate see you here too¡¡ your shots are really incredible¡¡ i add you to my favorites¡¡ sorry for my english¡¡ best regards¡¡
yurik3ns - Nov 04, 2003

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