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. . . and i enjoy long walks on the beach
by conman16x on July 26, 2003
Yesterday I Went To The Beach With Friends

wow, not a lot has happened in the past ten days, and for that i sincerely apologize. i realize im sort of apologizing a lot for a lack of updates. ill try to work on that, i promise.

so anywho, i went to the beach yesterday. yeah, a friend of mine from tennessee whom i have not seen in like a bajillion years came up to visit and so we all went to the beach in celebration. it was sandy. the beach is always sandy. i hate the beach. but i love going to the beach with friends, isnt it ironic, dont you think?

so this picture is a picture of my friend from 10-S-E (the one walking on the sand) and antoher one of my friends who is not from there at all (the one walking in the water). i took a lot of pictures of people walking that day, and i think that sort of weirded them out just a little bit. i guess a guy taking an absurd amount of pictures of a group of girls who arent really doing anything is considered "weird" in this day and age.

after that we all went to someones rich grandparents house on the ocean where much fun was had by all. also food happened.

by the way, ive noticed a serious lack of comments being left. this photoblog has had hundreds of views and i have a hard time believing that not one of those people have felt like saying anything to me. come on people, youre really dropping the ball here. this is a team effort, were all in this together. leave comments even if theyre really insignificant, seriously.

hopefully ill post another entry today, provided something cool happens in the next 8 hours.
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umm... good job on having things to do and taking pictures of yourself doing them. There I feel like I've accomplished something.
Steph - Jul 27, 2003

Heyyy man it hurts that I'm not in here. We gotta hang out again before I leave (in 9 days :( ).
"The Girl From Florida" - Jul 27, 2003

Hey, you may recognize my name from H&v, just thought I'd check out your link there! I actually like this picture a lot, it just feels like a comfortable relaxing day at the beach....anyway, just wanted to comment! Enjoy the rest of what summer is left, I know I will!
Suz - Sep 06, 2003