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by csnyder on July 24, 2003
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[[Leaving a message.]]

Is there any way to delete comments people leave? Because some jerk is leaving rude comments on my fotola, and I don't want them there anymore.

If you could add that feature, that would be great. If not, it's alright.
shutupkelly - Jul 31, 2003

i'm on it.
csnyder - Aug 01, 2003

Thank you very much for the deleting feature. And not to be a complainer, but now I can delete new messages, not the old ones that I did not like. Is there any way possible to delete old messages before the delete feature was enabled? If not, that's fine.
shutupkelly - Aug 05, 2003

yeah, that was *supposed* to be what I fixed. but apparently I was on another planet that day.
csnyder - Aug 05, 2003

Woah, I feel like I'm sinking. Which way is up.
84_rooms - Aug 07, 2003, slow, confusing, beautiful,
all a blur sometimes...
cosmicsurfer - Oct 04, 2003

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