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Lincoln Center Fountain
by csnyder on September 17, 2003
Yeah, it's really nicely lit, actually. I think I'll stop by again, next time I'm in the neighborhood at dusk.
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That's beautiful! :)
sissel - Sep 18, 2003

hey C,
how can i rearrange my favez?
patisfaction - Sep 18, 2003

I love the shapes and textures in this one...and in general, I love your style! Keep the fotos comin and thanks for the comments :) they're a friendly "welcome" - sincerely, your state fair addict member...littlebean :D
littlebean - Sep 21, 2003

Hey...Thaxz 4 stoppin by !
Very coool shot here, Love fountains !!!
cosmicsurfer - Sep 23, 2003

Wow, nice shot! Love the reflection and lighting!! Well done. :)
sunartique - Oct 10, 2003

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