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Best Icon Ever
by csnyder on September 20, 2003
Was working on Peter's Macintosh the other day, trying (in vain, I might add) to covert a set of VOB files to Quicktime mpeg2, and was pleasantly surprised by what I consider to be the best Mac icon ever.

I'm not even sure why they picked a traffic cone, but it could be poetic homage to the fact that VOB files are video data interleaved with audio data --> form two lanes, please.

And before you go acusing me of violating all sorts of DMCAs and MPAAs and stuff, this was video off of an unecrypted, non-commercial DVD. I would *never* use my l337 v1d30 sk1llz for piracy.
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Haha. Interesting picture (sure, we believe it's legit).

Just found the site - figured I'd leave a little hello message and say that so far, my experience is excellent and I've recommended fotola to some photog friends.

Keep up the superb work.

mavrik - Sep 20, 2003

yurik3ns - Sep 22, 2003

*my* reflection?
u mean selfportrait? i'll try 2 post 1 l8r on ;p

i'll b thinkin about fotola featurez..
patisfaction - Sep 22, 2003

have a look @
they use this icon as a symbol for videolan program
moimeme - Nov 09, 2003

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