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Sunset, Reverse
by csnyder on September 26, 2003
A little architectural shadowplay.
©2003 csnyder
This work is subject to this license.
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great light¡¡ regards
yurik3ns - Sep 27, 2003

thrilling ; the development of this Fotola; it's so fresh. Can we expect a contest with
searocket - Sep 27, 2003

Hey Boss!
Thanks for stopping at my "clogs" folola shot!
An idea: having a global map with all fotolae located geographically by its local coordinates... like GeoURL! It should be nice.
a:people - Sep 27, 2003

Thanks about the changes. I was having some problem with special chars though. I'll try to check and let you know. You're doing an awesome job! Congrats.
tcx - Sep 27, 2003

I love the light!
- as for the GeoURL suggestion, this seems like a cool idea.
ota - Sep 28, 2003

thanks for the plain text email functionality!! :-)))
limone - Sep 28, 2003

p.s.: font size is very tiny now, it would be nice if it could be customized in user settings.
limone - Sep 28, 2003

Hi there,
Great initiative this Fotola. I have a problem though. My new image entry form is not at all what it should be. There's a large empty space and at the bottom only part of the form appears (not enough to properly upload an image. Is there a way to fix it? Thanks. Ben.
benvandurp - Sep 29, 2003

Very nice image ! The shadow on the building complemet the composition! Beautiful the color of the sky and clouds !!
abk - Sep 29, 2003

Complement instead of ...............
abk - Sep 29, 2003

Looks like[link:;this!
hillspan - Nov 21, 2003

My liny no worky. :(
hillspan - Nov 21, 2003

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