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Peaceful Pier
by csnyder on October 13, 2003
Scene from the park that Trump is buiding on the Hudson in the mid-60s.

I took my rollerblades to work and skated home on the Riverside bike path today. All the way from Canal to 96th Street because I'm too chicken to go down the steep hill that would let me continue to 125th. Once I get better at stopping, I'll do it, heh.

This is like the fourth time that I've actually used the blades, I bought them two years ago. I'm looking forward to this nice long skate after work every day as a way to improve my coordination so I can skate on the street without hurtling into the side of a bus.
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Gorgeous light! Watch your knees. :)
sunartique - Oct 13, 2003

That looks like a halogen lamp.

We drive by the development heading uptown from parents house 2 or 3 times a month but have never seen the park.
av_producer - Oct 16, 2003

wonderful lightning!
searocket - Oct 19, 2003

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