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Real-Life Fractal Fun
by csnyder on November 8, 2003
Check out the shiner I gave my laptop the other night. It turns out you can't lean on one of these when plugging cables into the back.

It's nearly three years old, anyway. Guess its time for that new PowerBook.

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Albert was *new* when we first met?
:-( Poor Albert.
Bexiedoodle - Nov 08, 2003

interesting composition¡¡ regards
yurik3ns - Nov 10, 2003

Well made!Im newbie here;but I have some suggestions...based in my old Photo Site;Webshots experience;Fotolog marketing tricks...You can see some old works from me in webshots under user name mauricemmm;mauricemmm2 .Thanks for sharing.Cheers.
maurice - Nov 10, 2003

You have my e-mail...I and my wife+son will stay here...´cose Fotola is HONEST.Dont let the QUANTITY goes over the QUALITY.
Congratulations for Your works.Cheers
maurice - Nov 10, 2003

How can add you to my Fav´s?
maurice - Nov 11, 2003

Ouch... sorry about the computer
erin310 - Nov 12, 2003

well at least you got a good picture out of it.
jdos - Dec 08, 2003