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by csnyder on November 20, 2003
Sometimes, even if your pizza is stuck on top of a very tall pole in the distance, you just have to place one foot in front of the other, rise up, and say, "Damn, I may just be a statue, but I'm fuckin' hungry!"
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great clouds¡¡ full of light¡¡ great 1¡¡
yurik3ns - Nov 20, 2003

haha, photo and caption are great!
ota - Nov 22, 2003

*** tried to upload a pic using Opera 7.22 as browser, got stuck twice and Opera didn't respond, are there any known issues concerning this ? ***
ota - Nov 22, 2003

whehehehee nice1, u made me want sum slices 2 ;p

btw thnx 4 da new feature man, quite handy!

did u do sumthin bout this multi aliased pain in the a?
patisfaction - Nov 27, 2003

Even if it's pepperoni? Haha, great caption and image! :)
sunartique - Nov 29, 2003

great photo!!!! visit me! =]
josealbertojr - Dec 01, 2003

"Magic Fish" picture. Hello, thanks for note. I will try to find the original of the Magic Fish (larger) It comes from a really scary GErman folk tale called "The Singing Ringing Tree" (its got a few WWW sites). Germans of a certain age are psychologically scarred from this film/TV production! haha. PS if you are a site organiser please accept my biggest thanks, its the best laid out of the photo sites! (you haven't been taken over by "the brazilaian web-cam girls" fotolog!
Digitalis - Dec 05, 2003

ooh. super nifty.
nosuchsoul - Jan 11, 2004