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by csnyder on May 25, 2004
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is it a pocket car? :)))
mpj - May 26, 2004

I have a convertable of a similar car on my page, Its a lil weathered but it adds to its character, reminds me of the steve Erkel car.
trebor - May 26, 2004

I had one of these...managed to lose it somewhere amongst the mints and change at the bottom of my purse.
nosuchsoul - May 31, 2004

a lifesize version of my desk toy! nice one! i used to drive one of these things, theyre so much fun. if you get a chance to drive one, take it.
mrpattersonsir - Jun 02, 2004

...well...sunrise in reverse.

It was just before the sun set.
nosuchsoul - Jun 05, 2004

great one¡¡ love the mini¡¡
yurik3ns - Jun 21, 2004

If you simply click on "submit form" of the settings' page, your current photo will go to the first place at Fotola's Home Page. Nor isn't necessary that any changes are maden in that page.
mpj - Jul 04, 2004

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