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Delivery Guy
by csnyder on July 17, 2004
Makes a fine background.
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love this, i feel so "there"
neene - Jul 17, 2004

Firstly, sorry for the off-topic.
Due to the recent ordeal in Fotolog about fotologers from Brazil, please shut down signups before this site gets buried under those stupid brazilian teenagers pics.
Seriously, take a brief look at to confirm what I'm talking about.
Once again, please shut down signups (as you may notice there were 100+ since yesterday) before your site sinks with the current brazilian flight from Thanks and all the best.
Off-topic - Jul 19, 2004

Not all from brazil is stupid. Not all from europe/america is artistic.
daniel - Jul 20, 2004

Man you've got a lot of good photos here!
josi_silva - Jul 21, 2004

Nice image ! NY is really a very photographic city. I made thousands of photos there. Unfortunately, on film....

About t the off-topic post on the brazilian teens, I think I have something to say. (By the way, I´m brazilian).
I don´t think they will migrate to Fotola. Fotolog (where I had been for one year) was very promoted by brazilian press, so they grew a lot. It was an incredible case of positive feedback ! Fotola seems to be much more focused on good photos than on boys and girls mirror snapshots . The ambiance is much more sophisticated. And, at the end, you can always close the doors to non photographic oriented blogs.
isim - Jul 22, 2004

c: you know i love fotola
is there a way for us to donate?
i searched all around and i couldn' find a link

thank you


l - Jul 24, 2004

What it would have to be banished of fotola are commentaries of the type of this coward "off-topic" that hidden himself in the anonymity to promote his xenophobia and his preconception. As it would say a great Brazilian writer, "all generalization is dull"!
mpj - Jul 28, 2004

hi csnyder!

You know i love fotola.
You know i'm with *L

it will be a pleasure to help you

thanks for fotola.

bsamp - Jul 28, 2004

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