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Behind Bars
by csnyder on October 28, 2004
Every now and then you see something strange. This guy was talking on his cellphone, hanging out next to the locked gate of the PATH station at 32nd and Sixth Avenue.
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reception! yes!
nosuchsoul - Nov 02, 2004

thanks for your work on fotola.and thanks for removing to comments option. i've gotten some weird shit about russians moving into bensonhurst. keep up the good work. i love fotola.
filmlynx - Nov 03, 2004

hi there
1 - i like this picture!
1 - i can see the accent on your name and on my name i see code :((( (mac OSX 3 "panther", browser camino)

let's see here now i'm on safari

luisa - Nov 09, 2004

code :((
luisa - Nov 09, 2004

I feel just as camera keeps looking up at me longingly. Hopefully things will calm down for all...
nosuchsoul - Dec 01, 2004

I love Fotola.
just starting on the premises but enjoying a lot.
think your work is quite good and you explain every step in a very easy way for everyone to understand,I suppose. at least beginners like me.
thank you for the Fotola idea, hope you keep realizing the new work,we enjoy...and learn.
Merry Christmas,Happy New year.
serial_mami - Dec 14, 2004

Really neat to see analogous images in completely different contexts. Hey, I love this site, too! Thanks so much for all the hard work and talent you put into it!
elbrozzie - Apr 23, 2005

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