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Tier Row L
by csnyder on July 5, 2005
Notes to self:
Yankees Stadium's Tier 14 are great seats, midway along the third base line. It's a 'No Alcohol' section, so you don't have to worry about beer spilling on your back, but consider Tier 16 if you want to drink during the game.

If you're in row L for a 1:05 game on the 4th of July, you'll get the shade at around 50 minutes into the game.

If you're in row M, you'll get shade even earlier. And you won't be sitting directly under the lighting rail, which doubles as a pigeon roost after 3pm.
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Hey there - just started my own fotola (great job with the site!). But in the "Help" link, the "Customize your Fotola" chapter (a memo) has no information, at all. It doesn't help someone like me, who has no programming knowledge or IT skills shift my fotola around the way I want to. Can you help me with this? Thanks.
awakai77 - Jul 20, 2005

Hi, Chris! I have been getting some funny e-mails on this shot Thought you might want to look at it to see if there is a problem? Thanks so much for all your hard work on Fotola--it's a great site!
skipper - Aug 06, 2005

Hi. I'm brand new to fotola. I love the site. I'm "roomfive."
Question: I want to use this in my eighth grade English class -- I'm a public school teacher in LA. Are there any content issues/restrictions/protocols I should be aware of before I ask permission from my administration to have my students create their own fotola blogs? I'm supposed to sponsor a breakdancing club this semester and this format would be perfect to document the club. Thanks for the great work your'e doing on the site and for any help you can provide on this issue.
roomfive - Aug 16, 2005

Keep the great job;Chris.
Keep creating:)!
maurm - Aug 16, 2005

hi csnyder,

im writing to ask you if there is a possibility to change the username we choose when we start!?
I mean is it possible to change it and still be able to keep our current fotola?

thanks in advance

manray - Oct 09, 2005

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