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The Last Photo
by csnyder on December 31, 2008
This is the last photo taken by my beloved Sony DSC-F88. The CCD has been a bit shaky for a while, with noticeable banding and noise. But last week, it just melted. I literally saw the image melt away in a blur. :-(

So, it's time to play with a Canon for a while until Sony releases another swivel-body camera in the F-series. At least I won't have to spend as much time color-correcting the Canon shots (from what I understand).
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i'm in a bit of the same place myself

my s70 powershot is exhibiting some strange behavior

looked today at the gs10, the p6000 & the lumix lx3 which might be the winner because the canon is a bit too big and the nikon uses a strange (& limiting) version of RAW

my last snap w/its predecessor, the s60
neene - Jan 06, 2009

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