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by dimilinchen on December 10, 2003

Hi dimi! Good to see you here too. I think half my FF list has now turned up here ;-) In answer to your question, I have a B&W photo of most of the palm tree at "the other place". I posted a series of photos of these things there, but not the photo which appears on my fotola - that was taken on a dull day quite a bit later.

Nice fuchsias. Remind me of my childhood - we had some lovely ones in our garden when I was a kid.
jimsk - Dec 10, 2003

Hi Antje, war das Absicht: 4 mal das gleiche Foto? ;-)
pandarine - Dec 10, 2003

Nein, Pandarine, natürlich nicht, Vielen Dank für den Hinweis.

ich kann heute den ganzen Tag nicht im Fotolog posten, also spiel ich hier mal rum.
dimilinchen - Dec 10, 2003

Known here in Brazil as Earring of Princess.
Pretty this flower and the image.
mystic - Dec 13, 2003

ecosites - Dec 13, 2003

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