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Fotola Updates
Saturday, September 27, 2003 at 1:19pm
By csnyder
I just completed a round of software updates, including the following:
  1. Unicode support (utf-8) throughout. Example: 写真
  2. Who linked to me? link on every entry (next to the email and republishing links)
  3. Plain-text email -- actually, multi-part mime emails that have both text and html, so you choose in your email client. Not sure what happens if you have a cellphone...
  4. Made the order of the previous and next buttons more consistent with thumbnail display
  5. Recent Entries link now shows 40 instead of 20
  6. Fotola list now shows only active fotolae (updated last 30 days) by default

I also made some other minor changes, if something isn't working right please let me know.

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