what is?

"phrenos - tale" 3/3#
main image
) aerodynamics *(:,,,
by dopamine on December 24, 2004
...i see your belief in the archway of aerodynamics...
:)pixies *
©2004 dopamine
This work is subject to this license.
some rights reserved

is it real? i mean the insect !! beautiful shot, the paper ( ? ) looks like snow and the 'bird' colours are fantastic !! it real ???
serial_mami - Dec 28, 2004

I'm coming previous previous and just here there is a place I could say something :
your pictures are very good !!!
beautiful and creative , congratulations.
MS from Mexico City
Martin Schenk - Feb 14, 2005

uhhhhh this is wicked!!!!!
Fuck yeah desing is everywhere what about the paint job , get reall nature don´t need that much
Hugs Gui
committedtolife - Jan 25, 2006

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