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by fioria on March 26, 2003
What is a blog?

People have kept chronological diaries, journals, and logs for eons. Blogs are the next permutation of this. "Blogs" evolved from "web logs", which were nothing more than personal journals published on the web for all to see. Blogs have grown quite a bit since the early days (the late 1990's) and now may offer several interactive and multimedia features depending on what the author wants to share.

What is a photoblog?

A photoblog is a type of blog that is regularly updated with photos. Some photoblogs focus only on photography, while others have photos in addition to other content. All photoblogs, however, consider photos to be an important part of their chronological blogging structure.

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what a very beautihul... nice fantastic colours.
hyatt - Sep 17, 2003

Beautiful photo!!!
circe - Nov 09, 2004

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