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by frisca on October 2, 2003
This guy wanted me to pay him for taking his picture (!!!) I had already given him whatever was in my pocket (a buck and some change) and apparently that wasn't enough. Bah, hope I didn't ruin the joy of the shot for you..I still like it! :)
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awesome shot. Did you digitally enhance the blue just a notch? Nice contrast with the orange
pixelville - Oct 02, 2003

It was a digital shot taken with my fuji s602, and I masked the orange and turned the rest into that doutone. I thought the blue and orange contrast worked well for the shot, and it reminded me of the blues. :)
frisca - Oct 03, 2003

It's a nice choice of colors. The image surely transmits the essense of the blues.
tcx - Oct 03, 2003

Very nice!
ota - Oct 06, 2003

Ah- the pleasures of street photography! ;)
emilio - Oct 19, 2003

...and the heart beats strongly.
Defatima - Nov 01, 2003

An interesting carrying case for the banjo...
Did you like the music? Some say banjo players spend 60% of their time tuning and 40% playing off key...

I am
puppy_k - Jan 10, 2004

Nice photograph. Beautiful colors. I like the detail on the top right corner: Post-Star! Well done!
leooliveira - Jul 01, 2004

It's a very nice pic! :)
Maria - Jul 21, 2004

Very very good !!
wocacomm - Aug 13, 2004

Maybe I am a litle bit late for coments, but the picture is amazing. Nice colors.


sobreiro - May 27, 2005

nice shot
sabara - Jun 29, 2005

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