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by gato_gato on April 23, 2006

funny is how our moments seem to
be about the same in different ways

i still am sure to have to move out at least one more time, a.s.a. my own appartment gets rid of it's unpleasant occupant... question of time now.

but, not sure if i am to live there or...whatever.
when the moment is there i'll sort something out to fix it best way.

one day at a time, otherwise i get pretty anxious and that can be poisnous to me.

feels as well very confusing to be posting allover at this moment, fun though, i only have to find ways and specific languages for each one, or not!?
let them all mingle like these drawers...

2007 gato_gato, all rights reserved

let them mingle
until they find you
i find that some of my voices are very distinct
and others can be more chameleon like

i love the posting all over like this
i hate that there are these weird articial boundaries
it's so "physical" world
isn't that the beauty of virtual?
it's just a mouse click whereever you go

(and i have found that with a little effort you can make your bookmarks/browsers work in a way that's intuitive
and then you can zip back and forth)
neene - Apr 23, 2006

THe ToeS=
WhaTTa touCH,
i loVe iT......
obdada - Apr 24, 2006

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