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a goon with a broken camera
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step in it
by goon on July 21, 2004
lately i've been feeling a little ... restricted. so i'm posting some pics here.
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Hi Goon, Nice to hear your digital voice. It has certainly been a while since we've communicated. I have been rather busy traveling and working. Exhibitions of paintings and photographs here and there. I am off to Baja tomorrow to present a workshop. What brings you to Fotola at this point in time? What restricts you? Fotolog?
ian_summers - Jul 21, 2004

wonderful splash!
ojoblanco - Jul 22, 2004


l - Jul 24, 2004

OK> I'll try!

kilm_fergus - Jul 24, 2004

hi goon friend!
paulaferrary - Aug 14, 2004

Adorable colors!
fabiana - Aug 22, 2004

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