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by jk_in_response on March 29, 2006
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bacana !!! muito bacana !!!
alp - Mar 30, 2006

neene - Mar 30, 2006

Maravilhosa imagem.
sobreiro - Mar 30, 2006

tess - Apr 03, 2006

boa segunda!
gato_gato - Apr 24, 2006

so nice to hear from you
i hope you are fine???
at this point i have no idea for how long i will be "living out of boxes" but it is certainly a much easier prospect without kids
i am very fortunate to have at least completed the first half of this process: selling my home, i really feel that the timing was right and that if i had waited any longer, it would have been much harder to do so...
animus - May 15, 2006

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