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Yet another narcissistic puddle picture
by johanna on March 7, 2004
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no, it's a tulip puddle picture
and we can't have too many of them
neene - Mar 07, 2004

Oh Neene, thank you!
Thank you for a different perspective!
I was wondering what was going on with all my self reflections.

I guess it's the run up to being another year older and the promise of all these exciting changes in my life... and how they might change my outlook on things...

Anyhow... you have brought me back down to the ground a little... exactly what I needed :)*
johanna - Mar 08, 2004

besides...what makes you think we don't like looking at your reflection as much as you do? :)***
bruce - Mar 08, 2004

thank you
*L - Mar 08, 2004

perfect :)
bsamp - Mar 08, 2004

bsamp - Mar 08, 2004

bsamp - Mar 09, 2004