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by limone on September 17, 2003
this one was for a relative in hospital
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hey olivia, welcum here @ fotola!

tip: u can link an image 2 yr l8est entry just by clickin on it! like a fave 4 just 1 image.. ;)
have phun!
patisfaction - Sep 17, 2003

btw.. didn't know that kaleido was yrz! heheee
i luv m as well! duh.. ;)
patisfaction - Sep 17, 2003

wellcome!!! what a beautiful flower. excellnt...
i came to Fotolog. nice guide, paatisfaction.
have a fun.
hyatt - Sep 18, 2003

thanks for the hint, pat, and thanks for the welcome, folks :-)
limone - Sep 18, 2003

Blumenstrauß is what you meant, right?

This entry was made before the upgrades on Sept. 27 that allowed multi-byte characters. Try editing the title again, the scharfes s should work this time.
csnyder - Oct 02, 2003

exactly :-)
limone - Oct 02, 2003