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limone fotola
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by limone on September 18, 2003
I uploaded a similar one to my flog,
but this one is slightly different. :-)
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hey i've had those on my balcony as well ;p
do u know da name of it?
patisfaction - Sep 18, 2003

the name is "balloon flower" or "ballonblume" because when it's closed it looks like a balloon. no kidding :-)
limone - Sep 18, 2003

The colour is lovely. I love the blue veins. :-)
sissel - Sep 18, 2003

This is nice. I would think a closer crop would give the flower macro more power and less distractions around the edges.
mavrik - Sep 22, 2003

I have a macro version of the same flower, actually - but on that shot it was important that both flowers are be seen completely.
limone - Sep 22, 2003

those flowers are an incredible color!! ;^)
lotusgreen - Sep 24, 2003

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