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Alpine Waldmaus
by limone on August 1, 2004
(uploaded here since my fotolog doesn't work currently...)

A little later, after the other mouse was set free, my mom suddenly said: "look, there`s another one!" I went closer with the camera, prepared that it would run away but it sat perfectly still and would let me take a row of pictures - just when I moved a little too fast it was gone.

(stay tuned for more mice shots)

German name: Alpine Waldmaus
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Cute little animal! Incredible how we lump all rodents together as vermin - this one is much prettier and I bet not as undesireble as his urban cousins!...
nosdamontanha - Aug 01, 2004

Das ist aber ein hübsches Mäuschen!

Hallo Limone, meine Mum sagt, ich soll dir einen schönen Gruß von ihr bestellen und fragen, ob du mich mal besuchen magst ;-)
Ein Fotolog hab ich auch noch...
Liebe Grüße,
bussii - Sep 02, 2004