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skiing in to captain's chair
by m_and_b on March 29, 2005
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How long did it take you to get to the starting point?
kari - Apr 02, 2005

captain's chair was just a day trip. about 10-12km from the car to the summit. we skied off of the peak that makes the skyline-- on the shaded east face that is in the photo. its so nice now that the sun is coming up again. the other photo is martha skiing while she was up here early in the winter. it was taken by one of my co-workers Kevin-- he went to school for photography and it shows in the photos he takes. he shoots with a real camera body and a good lenses. he takes one or two photos a day on a ski trip---- while i snap away 100+ with my digital camera. i guess i need to learn some how.

m_and_b - Apr 03, 2005

Beautiful place. Nice picture.

sobreiro - May 27, 2005

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