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by maurice on April 14, 2004

what's up, man!? i'm sure u have lost of intresting stuff to show us!
max_maximil - Apr 27, 2004

the sun is shining! maurice!!!
max_maximil - Jun 05, 2004

lost of new photos! waiting to be seen!!!??
max_maximil - Sep 21, 2004

Why insn`t a photo...I`m intrigued.
morgana - Apr 26, 2005

oh, I see, too much potatoe made you fedup of it...nomorepotato ! hummm..
or were you looking for potatoes in a cave ?
serial_mami - May 24, 2005

Nunca mais batata..rsss
Batata se estiver quente..ninguem segura mesmo..=P

Saudade do cê mininooooooo
sunmoon - Apr 25, 2009

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