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Photoblog de Mavrik
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Deer Falls
by mavrik on March 30, 2004
Took this last weekend. I am submitting it to a photo contest in the local paper. Hope you all like it.

Welcome me back too. ;)

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Gorgeous photo! I hope you win the contest.
mpj - Mar 31, 2004

Welcome back :) hmm have I seen this image before? ;) OK I know I am just being silly now, but I can't help that. I was born this way lol
Me (aka Loretta) - Mar 31, 2004

I hope you win.
It´s absolutely beautifull , almost irreal.
arnalgla - Apr 27, 2004

this is awesome! you might have a winner here.
mizax - May 26, 2004

I wanna see some new images :p
Loretta - May 27, 2004

Tati - Jul 13, 2004

Tati - Jul 13, 2004

4 eyes looking at top.... very nice
Sidney - Brazil
Sidney - Jul 29, 2004

I bet you won it !!
wocacomm - Aug 11, 2004

Happy moment
sabara - Sep 12, 2004

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