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day # 13
by maximorgana on July 5, 2020

green-wood cemetery..........................


if that isn't haunted
i don't know what is
neene - Jul 05, 2020

the fireworks are all over brooklyn
(in fact other parts of the country are having this issue as well)
the reason?
hard to tell
(aside from a lead up to July 4)
there are always some this time of year,
you know,
boys will be boys
but this year's batch are much louder
and much more plentiful
and they shoot them from launchers at each other
so much more dangerous
and they go on and on and on

because there are all these protests
and calls to defund the police
the cops are having a very hands off approach towards enforcement
(fireworks are against the law in NYC for personal use)

there are even some theories that the cops are promoting the sale of them to destabilize residents
and to make further racial divisions
(black youth terrifying white gentrifiers)

we have had a BIG spike in shootings
so all in all
it's getting a little scary here
neene - Jul 05, 2020

and yes,
they are very concentrated in my neighborhood
neene - Jul 05, 2020

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