what is?

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by museu on January 17, 2013

the truth is in our hearts,
it is in our souls,
and its voice
will whisper
and we will listen

sometimes yes
mostimes not

museu - Jan 17, 2013

this is an awesome page
museu - Jan 17, 2013

it's simply you & me
animus - Jan 18, 2013

“Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.”
— Carl Jung
animus - Jan 18, 2013

so true,
museu - Jan 25, 2013

i was going to add one last image
but quite frankly
this page speaks volumes
and more eloquently
than i would have put it
museu - Jun 21, 2013

i guess this is the end of it here as well
tried to log in but email and pw do not operate.

t_l_v was deleted for obvious reasons, the effort of a second trip to NYC led to nothing after a ten year work collaboration.

thanks for re: which in the meantime was magic and operational all the ways it's own little way.
i felt i was pushing a little hard at the end of the day with flickr, forcing it ot "happen" whereas it was here so spontaneous.

wish you a happy productive life nina.
gato_gato - May 06, 2014

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