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by neene on December 7, 2003
there's a line that i'm walking in every area of my life:
the studio
my practise
my home
my responsibilities
my job
my mind
my heart

and if i take my eyes off it for one second, to put things into perspective, i start to fall to one side or the other. somehow i can't imagine getting away with this unscathed.
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You were right, I can appreciate it. I think what you have going here is more private, undiscovered space (moreso than your fotolog presence anyway) and that seems very important. I think you will come away from it all only lightly scarred, and scars can be the prettiest of all the things left on our skin. For some reason this image and message reminds me of this Nico/Dylan song I've been listening to you incessantly (thus the subject line for this email)
and some other lyrics to it:
everybody will help you
some people are very kind
I'll check back in here -- I like all the creative control and that I could use this along with my livejournal, I may come back and make my own. Thanks for the invite/showing.
if i could save you any time - Dec 07, 2003

mto boa
leticiasanti - Dec 16, 2003

keep the heart and mind in place (easy to say)
everything else will be less trouble
bsamp - May 25, 2004

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