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by neene on February 26, 2004

i love the metaphor of peeling away the layers of an onion, for finding the truth. each layer is true but the outside ones are broader, more general, the closer you get to the center the more specific the answers become.

and with every layer, with every discovery, comes a new freedom (as in "the truth will set you free"). and, since there is always a balance in life, there are other things that are a part of this journey (like "the truth hurts"), but it's the road i want to be on, the one that serves me best and the only one that will ultimately bring peace of mind.

(i know the image is a little corny, fittingly perhaps for such a cliche ridden statement, but it's 4 am and about the best i can do)
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and I like this... photo and text!
tomze - Feb 28, 2004

I DoWn RighT-
LoVeS YouR FreeDoM oF sPeach aNd sIGhT,,,
**YoUr "sEEinG" abilitY iS supERioR
***yOuR "SAYing" poWeR iS aLso AdmiRaBLe:

ThaNkS foR "bEinG" (aN aRTist)
bin_dada - Apr 07, 2004

vidro... :)!
. - Apr 28, 2004

I came here to read and "get my share "...
selfish ? maybe, but as Dada says, 'your saying power is also admirable: thanks for 'being'....
and sharing',so...
years ago I though of myself as an onion...layers and layers of the same stuff...once throuth the first redish skin,no more changes !
but I do not have your "seeing-and-feeling-superior-power"
thank you again to share them.
I'm still looking for my wandering soul.
oh,and I loved the photo.
serial_mami - Mar 14, 2005

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