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by neene on March 12, 2004

it's like watching paint dry
it is watching paint dry

i am finally developing some patience in the studio; a lot of my process involves applying layer upon layer of paint and most of the time, in order to achieve the effect i want, the previous layer must be dry before the next one goes on. not waiting usually yields some fairly predictable (as opposed to interesting) results: either everything turns to mud, or the current layer acts as a solvent on the previous one and removes it.

for some reason, just recently i am willing to wait. I have a new series that I am trying to resolve and this afternoon i flashed on what my next step needed to be. it's something a little new and therefore totally exciting and i wanted to just jump right in. but the reality is, it would be a disaster to proceed before the surfaces are ready. not only wouldn't i be able to achieve the desired result, archivally it would be a joke.
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l - Mar 13, 2004

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