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by neene on March 13, 2004

for me the idea of "making something" definitely involves using my hands and so it follows that the most unsatisfying aspect of my life as a photographer was the lack of this.

one of the things i love about painting is the physicality: the construction, the materials, applying the paint, scraping it off, mixing, scrubbing and polishing, making a mess, getting dirty, pushing, pulling, lifting and rotating.

i've always loved tools, pens, pads and paints. i love the colors, the textures, and the smells (i have one color that i sometimes use just because i love the smell) and one of the best smells in the studio is beeswax.

i used encaustic today for the first time in a while. it is one of the most sensual materials, it epitomizes the organic, it has a magical translucense, it is unpredictable, almost with a life of its own and it has the most intoxicating odor. but it can be difficult, and i was using it on canvas, differently than i have before; and so...
there were issues and for a while i thought i had lost the whole series...
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HoW thiS LooKes s00 FamiliaR=
I dO reALLy MiSS the SmeLLs==
(sigh{t} ,, UNsEEn I [thinK..] I LovE YoU!))

btw nOne oF the LinkS showeD (only=red circleXicon)--oH weLL?
bin_dada - May 03, 2004

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