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the writing's on the wall
by neene on March 15, 2004

sometimes , if i want an objective perspective, it's easier for me to see my work through someone else's eyes. so i used my nephew's visit yesterday to look at the suite of 10 paintings i've been working on since november.

it's scary, in the art world people tend to want to see the artist as making a single statement, with respect to style, with a body of work. i have NOT done this! i have, in the past worked like that; when i was preparing for my show last year, i felt i had 2 fairly distinct bodies of work that needed to be tied together. i spent 6 months making the paintings to bridge that gap, and i suceeded.

but with this work, conforming to someone else's idea of how my process should unfold wasn't even a consideration. the work was coming too directly from a feeling place to put any intellectual constraints on it.

i tend to be quite eclectic, and this body of work says that loud and (maybe too) clear.

and i am very nervous as to how it is going to be perceived/received,
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