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what does it feel like
by neene on May 27, 2004

i've done a lot of work with this,
so maybe it's about getting to the next level with it,
but that question,
"what does it feel like in your body"
still throws me.

i can talk miles around it,
but if i try to stay with the feeling aspect,
i eventually just go numb.
©2004-16 nina meledandri
This work is subject to this license.
some rights reserved

I likeS iT..

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__sOMerhINg_I eXisT fOR 2hR INtERvALs

4 or 5 tIMes (X) per/niGHt beTwEEn MeDiCAtiONs..

YoUR PiCs=lIKe thIS onE aRe UasuAllY rElaXiNg
t0 VieW anD CoNteMpLaTe BeFoRe thE NeXt ThruStiNtO HyPer-LiFe+or LikE I LikE tO thINk oF iT aS JumPinG >BACk OntO thE RoLLeR cOASTer oF EvERyDaY CoPing WiTh thE FolKs ArounD mE..
bin_dada - May 28, 2004

i need a call for this...
bsamp - May 28, 2004

l - May 31, 2004

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