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daily bread
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by neene on July 5, 2006

it's the only thing i recognize as me
and it makes me cry

my head aches in a different place each day
i am living on advil
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This work is subject to this license.
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bruce - Jul 05, 2006

oh baby

please, it's inevitable, so, relax

i know it's easy to say

gato_gato - Jul 05, 2006

this is a lot only thing
count the blessings!
gato_gato - Jul 05, 2006

ThiS MusT bE aLL yoU NeeD ____RighT NoW
******MoRe aNsweR oN thE oTheR siDe******
obdada - Jul 05, 2006

do not worry
i'm okay

but living a day at its time
sometimes i just wished i was given the gift of not getting too old.

and of course the fear of being hiv tested again... i deny i ain't histerical about the resuls this time.
gato_gato - Jul 06, 2006

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