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another for my mother
by neenna on February 13, 2017


today i was unexpectedly overwhelmed,
in my yoga class actually,
and then i realized
what happened 2 years ago:
i had just arrived at my mom's
to help her deal with a fractured elbow,
little did we know
that the elbow
was the least of our problems...

as i thought back
on how the next year unfolded
i found myself unable to comprehend
that all that happened in the space of a year,
i couldn't make sense of it,
it felt like two...

my perspective,
coming up on the 2nd anniversary
is so different:
i can have a perspective,
i can see the events unfold
from an almost bird's eye view.

©2004 nina meledandri
This work is subject to this license.
some rights reserved

time always changes our perspective on everything..........sometimes for the better..............sometimes for the worse.............
maximorgana - Mar 11, 2017

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