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by neenna on October 27, 2019


i was under a lot if stress to finish up in the paper studio before midnight
i found myself dropping things
and i knew this was a sign that i was distracted
and i knew i needed to be careful riding home

i didn't have my bike
because it was POURING when i had left home in the morning
so i was walking to get a citibike,
on the phone with g/,
who was trying to convince me to call an uber
i stopped to take the picture on the right
and i bumped into a low bench
and nearly fell

it was soooo painful
but i couldn't say anything
or cry out because g/ would have insisted i not ride
this picture was snapped inadvertently
while trying not to fall

when i got home i found a huge swelling
and a gash on my shin

oh careful............please take care...........and do not get is never worth is your gash doing........? did you need medical assistance...........?
maximorgana - Oct 29, 2019

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