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true blue
by pandarine on December 15, 2003

Ah beautiful!
laf - Dec 16, 2003

It's a beautiful path where mules used to pull barges full of coal and we have walked from Lambertville to Washington's Crossing(7 miles) and back. this water is also very peaceful but you can't walk on it,can you?
laf - Dec 16, 2003

Thanks for the message. I'm not very happy in autumn time. I'm habituated with the sun. Here in France is not so luminous.
I'm a fotologuer too that tries the fotola (see me at /lampiao).
I'm always here seeing yours photos (and at fotolog too). But I don't like to write in English.
see you...
alexandre - Dec 16, 2003

Beautiful blue water! :)
sunartique - Feb 02, 2004

nice colorz with that blu pandy

didn't remember u had a lalala 2 :p
me so silly..

about time 2 post sum ey?
patisfaction - Feb 08, 2004

nossa, nossa,nossa, nossa,nossa, nossa,nossa, nossa,nossa, nossa!!!
linda,uma natureza maravilhosa!
leticiasanti - Mar 21, 2004

that is gorgeous!
bright_eyes - Mar 22, 2004

hmm, imagine finding you here! :)

[pondering different options :)]
sylvia - Jun 09, 2004

Maria - Jul 21, 2004

hi, dear friend, nice to find you here, too, with your very fine images. You're added.
jucafii - Jul 28, 2004

what a gorgeous picture panda! Fantastic blue!
luisamac - Jul 29, 2004

my dear frind pandarine.
good to see you here, in fotola, with this beautiful blue.

kiss for you
toinho - Jul 30, 2004

so beautiful, Panda!
jvc - Aug 15, 2004

Hurray thanks for the link on your log to this wonderful site. I wonder how many thousands of fotolggers are going to descend? You are the first on my fave list here. So nice to see the old familar names. I have changed mine from a_hawaii_journal to growpeace

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·` ** Peace, Joy Paz e amor!

growpeace - Oct 01, 2004

oooohh, this fantastic blue planet !.
serial_mami - Dec 29, 2004

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