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'takin care of da kill'
by patisfaction on November 27, 2003
Harvey's awesum spidah made me wanna post this preditor
takin care of his pray :p
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whoa, this one's got lunch! nice shot!
xxpinkrabbitxx - Nov 27, 2003

Very cool. I liked across from my "spidah" as well. How big was this guy?
hgpayne - Nov 28, 2003

like your photos, think have seen some on fotolog as well. Spiders good also like your macros. Digitalis
digitalis - Nov 29, 2003

es impresionante...ya es hora de comer?. Si fotolog funcionara bien esta seria una buena foto para :
acosta - Dec 01, 2003

great!!!!!! visit me!! =]
josealbertojr - Dec 01, 2003

Cool pic, but I don't like spiders ;-)
pandarine - Dec 03, 2003

Nice shot
laf - Dec 04, 2003

that is an amazing macro, Pat! very well done.
(hey, do you mind if I ask... how did you isolate the color in your b&w eye shot? it was very cool.)
2020_ - Dec 04, 2003

y0 pat, update your fotola now! I'm demanding he he he :)
very cool shot btw.
lifehouse - Dec 05, 2003
mizax - Dec 05, 2003

ooooooooooh man¡¡ incredible one¡¡ great done pat¡¡ best regards
yurik3ns - Dec 06, 2003

Great shot. You see lots of spider pics, but very seldom with their lunch.
garnite - Dec 08, 2003

yeah!!! catching up.....
shadowplay - Mar 21, 2004

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