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looking for a new space to flog.
by r2d2 on July 21, 2004
as we all know, fotolog has turned into another big company. so im moving here now.
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welcome bro
bsamp - Jul 21, 2004

GreaT Illustrat_OR_ion....

(I used to HanG aT "" buT iT alsO turned intO a Mega-CapitalisTic- CorPoraTioN...
{noT thaT theRE iS anY thinG wronG wITh ThAt!!!}

It jusT mloSt aNy Hope oF getting to FeeL likE "hOMe"
& being witH EvEryONe Who caN KnoW
Each oTheR....enouGhT
bin_dada - Jul 27, 2004

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