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by serial_mami on October 9, 2006

Jurujuba Fisherman's Wharf
Niterói , RJ

late afternoon, misty and rainy delicious weekend
©2004 jkossatz, all rights reserved

thanks for your comments! I have been shooting more and more landscapes, and water seems to make them more interesting. the reflections and distortions can be fascinating. I like this photo and the previous one because the horizon blends in with the sky and gets its definition from the lights on shore. the varied sizes and colors of the lights balance nicely against the serene flat water and silhouetted boats in the foreground. very moody, very nice! Photoshop is a very powerful tool! I use Elements, the simple, cheaper version. I wish I had the patience to learn all it can do!
watermark - Oct 09, 2006

OuTta thiS worlD feeLinG
GhosT shiPs iN thE sKy
SurrounDeD bY U F O s
obdaDa - Oct 09, 2006

ES francamente bella y se respira el olor salado en la aparente tranquilidad de la pesca, cerca y a la vez lo bastante lejos de la costa.
RE - si, en estas fechas el tiempo en Rusia regala una tregua y muestra su cielo azul y los multiples tonos amarillentos que el Sol mixtura en el Otoño, a este tiempo alli lo llaman " Verano para mujer", de todos modos tambien han habido dias de lluvia y de cielo gris, de hecho unos pocos días antes de regresar en Ufa estabamos a 2 grados bajo cero.
andreu - Oct 11, 2006

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