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São Francisco ( bay )
by serial_mami on October 11, 2006

late afternoon
Rio de Janeiro seen from S.Francisco beach,
Niterói ;
the camera was on automatic mode and i didn't set the white balance properly, so the sand came out nearly red
the photo is exactly as it came out

São Francisco is a beach and also a small bay inside Guanabara Bay
and Guanabara is the big, round bay where Rio de Janeiro City is "planted"
this is really a very beautiful place

sometimes i feel my family is living in a post card
©2004 jkossatz, all rights reserved

this is stunning
animus - Oct 11, 2006

watermark - Oct 12, 2006

Extraña pero preciosa
andreu - Oct 12, 2006

RE: Se trata de una iglesia dedicada a la sangre santa de Alexandre II, pero no me preguntes mucho más ya que las religiones y yo no gozamos de compatibilidad.
andreu - Oct 18, 2006

a dream!!!
tess - Oct 29, 2006

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