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blue patch
by serial_me on April 21, 2006
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happy patch
neene - Apr 22, 2006

so good to see you
neene - Apr 22, 2006

hahaha, that blue patch gets around!
watermark - Apr 22, 2006

well what a lovely surprise, all those messages from you. Yes we are getting a little hammered by the weather, Even had to wear gumboots (Galloshes?) while working at a scene. loved your washing shadow shot a lot too. lovely feeling. stay well
gfdwyer - Apr 22, 2006

É sempre belo ver vc novamente aqui...faz muita falta sempre...bjs
flora_b - Apr 30, 2006

Totalmente fuera de serie, bella he interesante para no perder la costrumbre ;-)
andreu - May 02, 2006

Joanna eu li sua mensagem e mudei algumas configurações no meu fotola e acho que concertei aquele problema. Se não deu certo me avise, obrigado por ter me falado.
iparada - May 16, 2006

nice to feel your presence
neene - May 23, 2006

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xenical - Dec 19, 2006

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