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kitchen window
by serial_me on August 17, 2006

at Formaggini's, friend and neighbour.
sometimes sometimes her laundry is hanging there, like this day, completely forgotten in the rain, and the patterns are always so nice to be seen through her kitchen window !!
©2004 jkossatz, all rights reserved

Ola Joanna bom te ver..., Saluda de mi parte a la "desaparecida"
andreu - Aug 17, 2006

Ah, yes. The mood seems quiet and serene to me and the colours are rich and beautiful!
tortoise - Aug 20, 2006

what wonderful color

happy to see you
neene - Aug 20, 2006

HeY wonDeRfuL iS jusT whaT i waS thiNkinG......2
obdada - Aug 25, 2006

ThanKs foR thE commenTs
aNd I mighT mentioN youR yard out siDe thiS windoW looKs soRt oF liKe My BacK yaRd...
If yoUr evEr iN SouTHerN CaLiForNia yoU haVe aN inVitE tO viSiT SaN DieGo aNd sEE mE..
obdada - Sep 08, 2006

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