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night swim
by serial_me on June 18, 2009
flashes of a city

looking downwards from the same window, about one hour later.
there was a rhythmical 'splash sound but it didn't LOOK like water, but a sparkling blue jelly ;
the guy was moving extremely slowly , keeping the same rhythm to and from, as if he could do that all through the night.
i was hypnotized watching him for a very long time before reaching for the camera.

©2004 jkossatz, all rights reserved

how serene
animus - Jun 18, 2009

very cool shot
inthegan - Jul 21, 2009

really looks like a model....................
maximorgana - Aug 16, 2009

it's a park on the Hudson River, and the scenery changes constantly, not just through the seasons, but minute by minute. A beautiful place, and yes, a beautiful planet! Hope you're doing well.
watermark - Aug 23, 2009

Great capture...congrats!
dandara - Sep 04, 2009

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